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Call Costs

Calls to 0909 numbers cost 36p per minute from a land line plus your network access charge. If you are calling from a mobile phone, the cost may be higher.

If you are calling an 0909 number from your mobile phone, the costs may be higher. It’s cheaper to call 69878 at 60p per minute. 02 callers pay 65p per minute.

We may send free promotional messages. To opt-out call 0161 607 3017

Mobile Messages

We may send free promotional messages to your mobile phone. The messages do not cost you anything to receive.

By using this service you agree to receive free promotional messages. The promotions you receive from us will only ever relate to this service. We will never share, sell or give your data to a third party company. You can opt-out of these promotions anytime by calling 01616073017 and entering the number you no longer wish to receive promotions, or you can choose to speak to a customer service advisor between 7am – 6pm Mon – Fri, who will opt you out of any further promotions. Please note: Once you have opted out of promotions, you will never receive further messages even if you use the service again. Opt-out is permanent.